Year: 2016

Does knowledge walk when people walk?

…… First published in May 2016 ……

Most people believe that knowledge goes out the door when people leave their organization.  In both my 2014 and the 2015 research results, fewer than 15% of the respondents felt very confident or relatively confident that knowledge stays in the organization when people leave. The vast majority expressed varying degrees of lack of confidence. (more…)

Is going rogue the new normal?

…… First published in May 2016 ……

In the work world today, people often need to go rogue in order to get things done. The online urban dictionary defines going rogue as “To cease to follow orders; to act on one’s own, usually against expectation or instruction. To pursue one’s own interests.” (more…)

How many platforms in your digital workplace?

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in March 2016 …..

A knowledge practitioner in a global insurance company asked me the following:

“Now that we’ve seen some maturity of social business platforms, and increased appetite for these type of interactions within companies, how would you characterize the interest and operationalization of more traditional content, document and knowledge management? (more…)

People in the Digital Workplace

…… First published in March 2016 …..

  1. How easy is it for people to learn in the natural flow of work?
  2. How confident are you that knowledge and know-how of people will not walk out the door when people leave your organization?
  3. How easy is it for the customer-facing people to serve customers?

You can see the survey results on these questions from the 2015 report here, and you’ll see it’s not so positive. (more…)

Data and analysis of the BYO phenomenon from 2013 & 2014

…… Originally published in March 2016 ……

Data and analysis of the”Bring Your Own…” phenomenon

Check out the exhibits showing how BYO is higher in companies where the customer-facing workforce is performing well. (The Harvard Business Review Digital Edition has published my related article about Tracking Trends in Bringing Our Own Devices to Work. I have republished it here. (more…)

Hacking Work – Bring Your Own…

…… Published in February 2016 ……

The Top Performing Customer-facing Workforces Are Hacking Work And Getting Results!

These exhibits accompany an article about BYO trends in the customer-facing workforce. They show that the bring-your-own movement is much higher in top performing customer-facing workforces, and that this group is also more social and collaborative than other less BYO groups. (more…)

Demographics and Digital Workplace Maturity

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in February 2016 ……

I’ve been asked at least a hundred times which countries are the strongest in digital workplace maturity. People always ask about their own country. Many assume that the US is more advanced than Europe, Northern Europe more than Southern Europe, and so on. I have always hesitated to give my opinion based on my firsthand experiences and decided it was time to look at some data and see if there are some answers or maybe just some points to think about. First I’ll start with some basics. (more…)

Tips For Working With a Strategic Facilitator

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in January  2016 ……

I have worked as a strategy facilitator in the field of “internal digital work environments” for 17 years.  In reality, I have never actually worked like a consultant.

My clients have often told me they work with me because “you’re not a consultant.”

Strategy consultants traditionally work in two steps: A. Interview, explore and investigate. B. Analyze and write a report with recommendations. That has never been my approach. (more…)