Year: 2013

Top 50 in “people capabilities” bring value to the enterprise

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in December 2013 ……

This post shares observations about the “Top 50” organizations out of the 315 organizations that participated in the 2013 research (report published early 2014).

Organizational and business benefits

Organizations that are strong in “people capabilities” report stronger organizational capabilities in 4 critical areas: (more…)

Make social collaboration real: 3 recommendations

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in October 2013 ……

I participated in the October Enterprise 2.0 Meet-up in Paris, organized by Björn Negelmann as part of the preparation for the Enterprise 2.0 Summit which will take place in Paris February  2014.

My short presentation triggered good conversation. My main points are that in the (distant) future, “social collaboration” will become the natural way of working and we will no longer talk about it as something special. We are far from that point today. I shared figures from Digital Workplace Trends 2013 (published last January) and from “Manifesto for ‘self expression’ inside organizations“. (more…)

HR talks back – from the trenches

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in July 2013 ……

My HR series “Is HR the missing player we are waiting for in the digital workplace?” has triggered some strong reactions. In this post I’ll start with anecdotes from the dark side and finish with inspiration from the bright side.

First, the series of 3 questions I asked: What’s different when HR co-leads the digital workplace? then Why is HR late in social collaboration? and finally What future for HR? (more…)