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2.0 on the intranet – still a long ways off

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in August 2007 ……

Note that 2.0 was a common term at the time this blog post was written. It covers social and user-generated content.

This post is my third prediction about the results of the second annual Global Intranet & Portal Strategies Survey. It is on-going at the moment, and I have not yet downloaded the data, so these short posts are “best bets” or shall we say educated guesses!

2007 will not have been the tipping point towards integrating 2.0 tools and technologies into intranets and portals.

There will be a significantly higher proportion of organisations looking at 2.0 than in the 2006 survey, but very few organisations will have integrated 2.0 into the way of working. I expect fewer than 10% to actually have a 2.0 strategy for the intranet or portal. (In 2006, 2 companies out of 101 organisations did.)

I’m not suggesting that companies are not experimenting with blogs, wikis and other 2.0 tools. I mean the vast majority will not have a strategy around them.

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