Strategies are built. They are not bought.

I work with organizations, helping them define their strategies.

An effective digital workplace strategy has to emerge from your organization itself. It is not something an external consultant can define in your place. Your strategies and action plans involve your people, systems, processes and practices. They influence and are influenced by your business model and your culture.

I  help my clients define effective methods and facilitate the process of defining their strategies and action plans.

How am I different from other advisers and consultants?

You run the process. I support you.

You put together a team of people – cross-functional and cross-organizational. Together, we go through a process that leads to recommendations and action plans.

Decision-makers see that the output of this process represents the vision and ambitions of people in the organization and is not a consultant dream.

They are much more likely to agree and provide budget.

Practically speaking…

Depending on your case, you can combine the following services:

Management briefings: Open eyes and raise awareness that the digital workplace is business critical.

I do briefings for senior managers, giving them a concise, strategic view of digital workplace trends and practices, the future workplace and how the digital workplace impacts enterprise transformation.  These briefings, supported by data and examples,  open eyes, trigger dialogue and inspire people.

Pre and post briefing telephone support is included.

Digital Workplace Self Assessment: See where you stand.

You can do a self-assessment of your own digital workplace and see where you stand compared to other organizations and specifically those within your own sector or industry. This is based on a 3-level maturity scale defined from the digital workplace framework.

The assessment can be done in three different ways:

  1. Online, involving people from different parts of your organization, preceded and followed by interactive webinars. Telephone support is included.
  2. A short, facilitated World Café one-day event where you bring people together to share their experiences and expectations. The results of the day give you a wide range of input from which you can begin to identify your strategy. Telephone support is included.
  3. A longer, facilitated “Live Jam” where key players come together F2F for a 2 or more days to self-assess, brainstorm and develop actions plans in a collaborative style.

Strategy and Action Plan: Decide where you want to go and how.

My workshop methodology, developed over the last 10 years, is customized for each client. No cookie cutters here. It involves working with your core team, based on input from one of the self-assessment actions described above.

  • I guide you through a creative, collective, lightly structured process co-developed by you the client, and myself.
  • It is heavily driven by input from different parts of the workforce: operational, customer-facing, service and product development, central and shared services, and so on.
  • It includes input from senior management and front line workers.
  • It integrates your existing internal successes (pockets of the organization that have already “got it”) and external successes (examples of other organizations).
  • The output is a strategy document, written and owned by you, produced through close collaboration with me. It can also include a short, executive presentation for your senior leaders and budget holders.

Contact me to talk over your case.

An exploratory conversation can be interesting whether we end up working together or not.