The digital workplace: why, how and what

August 29, 2012

If you want to invest 20 minutes that will change the way you communicate, take a look at this video from TedTalks by Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why“:  “How Great Leaders Inspire Action“. *

His premise is that great leaders have always communicated starting with the “why”, not the “what” and not even the “how”. They progress from the “why” to the “how” and finish with the “what”.

The digital workplace “why”

Let’s take the digital workplace as an example. Too often people start with “what it is” instead of starting with the “why it is important”. In this year’s Digital Workplace Trends survey (which will open early September), one of the questions deals with the “why”.

We want to find out what the compelling reasons are for organizations to take the leap of deliberately designing a digital workplace for their workforce – a decision that implies a long term strategy, significant resources and lots of energy and change management.

There are many reasons, and some organizations will say “all of these are important”. In this year’s survey, we want to get a fix on which are the most common, compelling reasons that trigger the mind shift required to succeed this ambitious goal.

We will be asking participants to indicate which of the following drivers are the strongest, the most important, for their organization:

  1. Efficiency and cost savings: shared technologies, licenses, services, reduced email storage, increased productivity, reducing duplication of effort and of content, reducing travel costs, …
  2. Business performance:  be perceived as a leader in the market, increase competitiveness, improve/accelerate customer service, attract the best talent …
  3. Organizational intelligence: increase/facilitate collaboration and teamwork, capture and retain institutional knowledge, enable fast access to experts, stimulate the emergence of collective intellectual capital, foster innovation, …
  4. Agility and speed: streamline core activity/business processes, accelerate communication flows, speed up decision-making, facilitate connecting workers across teams and geographies, reinvent the organizational structure, …
  5. Engagement and belonging: help empower people, build trust across the organization, provide a place for people to “meet”, facilitate initiatives, recognize and celebrate accomplishments (of people and of the organization), …

Which ones are driving your digital workplace initiatives?

Which ones are the top three drivers in your organization?

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(*Many thanks to Grégoire Charpe-Civatte who brought this video to my attention during a mutual project.)



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