Four questions for digital leaders

November 14, 2011

I’m running a round table discussion Wednesday, November 16th 2011 at the 10th edition of the “Rencontre Internationale des Responsables Intranet” in Paris. This conference gathers from 150 to 180 people every year and is a top event for the French-speaking intranet world (which extends beyond France).

Pure intranet  stories from the trenches

I’ve chaired this conference for the last 5 years, and never cease to enjoy the reality of the case studies presented. Unlike every other intranet conference I know, this one has ONLY intranet practitioners as speakers. It’s pure intranet stories from the trenches!

4 key questions for all organizations

The conference closes with a round table with participants from Alcatel-Lucent, IBM and Renault – all leaders in intranet practices today. I will be asking them 4 key questions and will report back to you on their responses.

  1. Are we reaching the end of the intranet as we know it? How do you imagine intranets to be in the future?
  2. Enterprise search seems to be essential in today’s world of masses of content in the managed intranet, in collaborative spaces and in enterprise social networks. Some people see “search’ as the logical point of convergence and the ideal user interface for the “digital workplace”. What is your vision of search and its role in the digital enterprise?
  3. How do you see the evolution of “governance’ in a world where managed content and user-generated, spontaneous content are blended?
  4. If you were to give one piece of advice to organizations just starting the social (or 2.0) journey, what would it be?

Please share your thoughts between now and Wednesday evening.

How would you answer these questions? Let’s get some input and see how it corresponds to the views of Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, Renualt and the over one hundred organizations participating in the conference, all of whom will be, hopefully, actively involved in the discussion!

Voici les questions in VO:

  1. “Allons-nous vers la fin de l’intranet ? Comment voyez vous la suite ? Quel modèle ?”
  2. “Enterprise search” semble devenir essentiel aujourd’hui du fait que les contenus ne cessent d’augmenter dans l’intranet, les espaces collaboratifs et dans les RSE. Certains pensent que “Search” est le point de convergence logique et l’interface idéal pour le “digital workplace”. Quel est votre vision de Search et son rôle dans l’entreprise digitale ?
  3. Comment voyez-vous l’évolution de la “gouvernance” dans un monde où les contenus “managés” côtoient les UGC (user generated content)?
  4. Si vous aviez un conseil à donner à une entreprise qui s’embarque sur le chemin “social-collaboratif” ou “2.0” que lui diriez-vous ?

Dites-nous ce que vous en pensez et partagez vos expériences avec nous, en français ou en anglais.



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Tim van Waard

Intranets will be appstores for users :) Pick and play (both mobile as on the desk. Cause everyones different.

Also we will see more visuals on intranet, infographics, visual results of data and less loooong and boring texts :)

Samuel Driessen (@driessen)

Good questions, Jane! My answers would be:
1. The traditional intranet will become much smaller, more focus will be on social tools and mobile access. I think stuff like location and gamification will also have influence on the intranet (or digital workplace…).
2. Search is important, but social search can compensate bad intranet search. I see tools like Yammer being used to help colleagues find internal info and apps more quickly. Just ask the question and others will point you to the location on the intranet/digital workplace.
3. Governance will be more important than ever. You don’t need to much governance around an intranet with 100s of static pages. You do need facilitation, community management around 100s of colleagues sharing and connecting within the organisation. Governance will focus on creating the playing field, facilitation and encouragement, less on control and enforcing.
4. I agree with Ernst: try, experiment, go for it. Try internal social media on the edges of the company if you’re not allowed to roll it out centrally. And try to connect internal social tools to the core business processes and goals. Show value there and managers and decision makers will love you! ;-)

Claude Super

Future of the intranet is probably in becoming the single entry point (place) for all employees.
As far as the way we work will change (remote, connected-disconneted, part-time, etc..), intranet should become the Entreprise “service” market place from where everyone will find apps and services he will use to fulfill his duties.
So, next intranet will offer : Information feeds, “apps stores”, tools, collaboratives spaces, communities, available regarding the user profile and his role(s) within the organisation, his needs of services and obviously his subscriptions.

Jane McConnell

Two quick answers, Andrew. Their intranets are indispensable for the people who work in these companies and are used extensively. They have also integrated the social collaborative dimension into their intranets and did so some time ago.

Ernst Decsey

1. The fact that this year’s NetJMC survey became the “Digital Workplace Trends Survey” is a sign that Intranets are no longer as we knew them. Intranet of the future? The entry doors to the digital world that makes my job easier and empowers me, when and where I need it, with the people I follow and share with (both internally and externally).

2. I remember an Intranet consultant who tried to sell a new Intranet concept to one of his client. His wireframe included a search box in the middle of a page, nothing more. Seems to have been a visionary. Even more so if the search results could bring THE key document that will help me decide, THE expert that I will be able to contact, THE link to where I can perform an action. And what if this search box was voice enabled, allowing me to simply talk to get an answer?

3. These are two co-existing areas, with different rules of the game, they should be clearly indicated as such and follow their own governance frameworks.

4. Just do it ;) but be ready to be patient.

Looking forward to following #riri11

Andrew Wright

Just a quick question about the round table participants – Alcatel-Lucent, IBM and Renault. You mention that they are all leaders in intranet practices today. Can I ask what characteristics of their intranets define them as leaders?