Horizontal work practices seed entrepreneurial work cultures

Strong, horizontal work practices go beyond the empowerment of individuals and teams.

This chart illustrates a blog post entitled “Seeding an Entrepreneurial Work Culture”. It is based on data from my 10th annual research initiative involving over 300 people in 27 countries. I looked at some specific work practices as listed below, comparing a segment of organizations that stated they had very entrepreneurial work cultures with the full survey population.

The work practices included in the research are listed below the chart.

Pair 1: Responsibilities of individuals

  • Individuals self-manage and self-direct their work as they see best, setting their own objectives in 87% of the entrepreneurial sample vs. 55% of the full group.
  • People’s objectives are visible across the whole organization (53% vs. 18%).

Pair 2: Transparency of business goals

  • Business goals and plans are communicated throughout the organization (100% vs. 78%).
  • People are regularly encouraged to give input to business goals and plans (87% vs. 39%).

Pair 3: Team autonomy and visibility

  • Teams set their own goals and self-manage (86% vs. 53%).
  • Teams make their work visible to the larger organization as they work, and before the work is finished. They “work out loud” through continual, ongoing use of internal communication channels (53% vs. 31%).

Pair 4: Responsibility and accountability

  • Teams have business responsibility and are accountable for producing actionable output (100% vs. 69%).
  • Teams are enabled to act and, when necessary, shortcut enterprise processes in order to advance rapidly (66% vs. 25%).