First findings: 5 Trends from Global Intranet Strategies Survey

August 21, 2010

If you are involved in intranet management for your organization, join the 5th annual Global Intranet Strategies survey and get a free copy of “Global Intranet Trends for 2011″, published end of October (commercial value 750 USD, 550 euros).

The survey closes September 1st. You still have more than one week to participate!

We’ve looked at the data available as of August 20th, based on the participation of 300 organizations worldwide, and here are some early indicators coming from preliminary data.

5 Trends: what’s happening and what is not

  • Mobile optimization is not happening very fast. There has been no evolution since last year’s survey: Only 7% say their intranet is optimized for mobile access, 24% are running pilots or are in the planning stages. This is identical to last year.
  • Social media is advancing inside. It is implemented to some extent in 70 % of the organizations, up 10 % points from last year.  Out of these, 20 % have had social media for less than one year, and over 25% have had it for 3 or more years.
  • Enterprises are looking outwards…. 40% say “We create official, branded spaces on external networking platforms such as Facebook.” But most are still being cautious….and only 11% say “We encourage employees to blog on the internet.”
  • Collaboration is now “self-service” for some. Out of 276 organizations with blogs, wikis and/or collaborative spaces, approximately 40% provide a self-service solution where people can do it themselves with no or minimal help desk support. However, from 45 to 55% say that only IT can open these spaces.
  • Are prediction markets emerging? 10 % of the participating organizations already have them. Another 7 % are in the pilot or planning stages. Last year, the highest we had were 3% who were testing prediction markets.

These topics and many more are investigated in the 2010 survey and will be developed in detail with analysis and charts in the final report.

Sign-up and get your free copy.

Get in touch if you have any questions.

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