World Cafe in Berlin: The Digital Workplace Journey

April 8, 2014

If you are in Berlin between end of day Wed 9 April and Fri evening 11 April, get in touch. I’m going there tomorrow for Intranet Reloaded.

I’ll be running one table at the World Café on “evolving towards a digital workplace”. I plan to use my new model and deepen the work I did in Copenhagen at IntraTeamEvent and in Paris at IntraNetwork on “obstacles and how to overcome them”. The document below is an example of “working out loud” as it is unfinished and will continue to evolve through contributions made in future workshops.


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Employee engagement and the digital workplace

April 4, 2014

Employee engagement is low. Very low.

Gallup revealed this to the benefit of all of us.

Employee engagement Gallup

However, it was not a surprise to everyone. I presented the Gallup figures in a work session last week with 25 people in the room. Only 3 (myself included!) were over 30! The others were young professionals working in well-known global companies. When I displayed the slide, there was a loud gasp from one person. Who? An internal communication manager from a global company, and yes, she was well over 30.

I turned to the room and asked the other: “Does 13 % engaged surprise you?” There was a general shoulder-shrugging “no, not really”.

The digital workplace can help increase employee engagement.

I’ll write more about this later, but in the meantime here are the slides on my recent presentation: “Employee Engagement and the Digital Workplace.”

Employee engagement-digital-workplace from Jane McConnell
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Decrease of Interest in Enterprise Social Software Signals a Shift from Tool to Behavior

March 14, 2014

Recent news stories say fewer customers are buying and vendors are less interested in enterprise social software today. Why?

Data from the recent report The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization 2014 tell the story:  Early Adopters have bought. They are now focused on learning to work in new ways. The Majority are in “wait and see” mode.

The Quick Read: Industry reports say that fewer customers are buying enterprise social software and that venture capitalists are less interested in ESN startups than in past years. Some people are surprised; others may conclude it is because social collaboration (or “social business” as some may call it) is dying.

I disagree with this analysis. Data shows that social collaboration is increasing in organizations, specifically in Early Adopters who have made their purchases and are now tackling the tough challenge of  how to change the way they work. On the other hand, the Majority of companies are in “wait and see” mode, some playing with pilots, but most observing what others are doing.

The risk the Majority are taking is that when they decide to move, they will have a lot of catching up to do. Going collaborative, however you do it, is a long journey and threatens traditional roles and ways of working in organizations. The business-value tipping point comes when business and business support functions get involved. And that’s  exactly what’s happening in Early Adopters today.
(Data from 2013 Q3 from 314 organizations worldwide: The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization.)

Let’s start with two recent news stories….

“Customers aren’t as interested in social software for the enterprise as it seemed a few years ago.” (more…)

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Digital Workplace Scorecards: Update and Comments

February 23, 2014

The 2014 report “The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization” has been sent to all participating organizations. Those who requested it have also received their individual Scorecards based on self-assessment, that’s to say their own answers to the survey questions. (Note that the full report is now available for purchase.)

I presented the Digital Workplace Model and Scorecard at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris a week ago. It was very well-received by this advanced level audience (which included a large number of consultants and thought-leaders).

The acid test is in the coming weeks as the participating organizations themselves study their individual Scorecards and reflect and react. I’m looking forward to questions and comments. I did get one email saying “This will help me show my manager easily and quickly where we are at.”

Here’s an example of the Scorecard showing the averages in all nine dimensions for Early Adopters (blue) and the Majority (gray).

EA and Maj SC


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A visual of my talk says it all

February 13, 2014

Thank you @fredericw for this visual of my talk and all the great ones you did during the #e20s summit!

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Digital Workplace at Enterprise 2.0 Summit

February 12, 2014

Here’s a copy of the 20-minute presentation I made at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris 11-12 February 2014.

Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization – Enterprise 2.0 from Jane McConnell
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A digital workplace mosaic

January 23, 2014

Announcement: “The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization” will be published February 7th rather than January 31st as initially announced.

Between now and then, I’d like to share a sense of the case studies that will appear in the report this year.  Cases  come from some of the world’s largest, global companies as well as from small dedicated humanitarian organizations.

Digital workplaces in context

I selected approximately 20 organizations with good stories to share and the result is a powerful mosaic of what’s happening today in organizations where the digital workplace plays an important role in business and ways of working. Here are some outstanding quotes to give you a flavor of what’s coming: (more…)

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Digital workplace model update

January 21, 2014

Working out loud…

I’m in the final days of writing chapter introductions for “The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization” and struggling with sequencing the main themes so that the flow makes sense to people who are not up-to-speed on the topic, especially senior management.

Most of the “In practice” cases have been submitting and signed off by management in each of the contributing organizations. As I read them I realize there has been a lot of progress in the last 12 months. Some of them are inspirational.

How the digital workplace model is defined

I showed you the Digital Workplace model in a previous post, and scorecards have been produced, based on this model, for most industries. There are similar patterns across the full survey and some industries fall in line with the majority. There are other industries where patterns differ. What I find especially revealing and true for all industries is that the leading digital workplaces differ from others in their industry in specific ways. (more…)

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Win a free copy of “The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization”

January 15, 2014

Which industry sectors lead in digital workplace maturity?

Just for fun, I’ve decided to run a informal contest to see if anyone can guess the top three  industry sectors in order when it comes to maturity in digital workplaces. The winner or winners will get a free copy (pdf) of this year’s report “The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization” (value 390 euros/530 US$).

I’ve run the digital workplace scorecard for each industry sector where there are 10 or more participating organizations. The scorecard is based on self-assessment from the answers to over 100 online questions. The resulting several hundred data points have been mapped to the different dimensions of the digital workplace model. (more…)

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Digital workplace model, a sneak preview

January 13, 2014

The Digital Workplace Survey Advisory Board and I have discussed and developed a model that encompasses what the digital workplace is all about. We had a lot of discussion over the autumn of 2013, sharing different viewpoints.

Without the input of the Board, this work would not have been possible. It’s satisfying and stimulating to work with experienced digital practitioners and thought leaders with different expertise and from parts of the world. Each person has a specific angle, experience and interest in the topic of digital workplaces. These merging viewpoints were  instrumental in pushing the digital workplace beyond earlier concepts created by myself and by others. (more…)

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